Corrective Color

Corrective color is to correct a service, whether done at home or another salon, that rectifies a result you did not want.

We cannot guarantee a perfect fix due to the number of variables that may have been involved. We highly recommend a free consultation with our Designers, so that we can best help correct your hair color. Certain home products contain chemicals that are incompatible with our hair products. For your safety, we will not perform corrective color restorations without knowing the exact items that were used in your hair. Your hair has the potential to be damaged if you are unsure of which products were used.

Color correction is a special service we offer that uses the collective knowledge and skills of our entire salon. We will work towards restoring your hair to the look you had desired.

All Corrective Color Treatments require consultations prior to booking an appointment. Contact Us now to schedule your complimentary consultation.

If you have any photos and other information that would assist in correcting previous color treatments, please give us a call and send us an email with your photos when you schedule your complimentary consultation.

Corrective color