Color Services

Color Types

Demi-Permanent Color – This ammonia free product lasts up to 25-30 shampoos and gradually fades out.

  • Will not lighten your natural hair color
  • Will not compromise the health and integrity of your hair
  • Recommended if you are new to hair coloring

Permanent Color – L’Oreal INOA product. Non-ammonia coloring product that uses argon oil to deliver its superior color coverage and lasting shine.

  • Will not lighten your natural hair color
  • Smooths unruly frizzy curls and giving limp hair volume
  • Amazing shine, coverage, and customizable colors

Types of Color Services

Solid Color – All over color and/or retouching.

Bleach and Tone – For those looking for their hair to be 4 shades lighter than their natural.

Ombre – A French word, meaning “to shade.” Our Designers will delicately shade your hair for your desired light/dark effect.

Balayage – A French word, meaning “to sweep.” Our Designers will hand sweep on your color for a personalized effect.

Highlights/Lowlights – For those looking to add dimensional color to any hair color, natural or enhanced.

Creative Color – Want that color look unique to you? Contact us to setup a consultation with one of our resident expert colorists, and we will help you find that color look you are looking for.